Afromystique Definitive Debut


Hidden deep in the heart of the rain forests of Africa is a beauty that literature cannot capture. As we cross the plains of the Mara and Serengeti, we see the beauty that this great continent has to offer. We tour the desert and from the great cities of the North as we make our first entry into the famed Sahara Desert, we start to see that there is beauty in every corner of this great continent.  


We can hear the whispers of the turtle bay on Silhouette Island as the waves crash against the beach. On Victoria island as the shimmering ocean caresses the edges of this beautiful island. We hear the loud trumpet of the Majestic "Nzoko" as we carve our way through the coastal rain forests of Pointe Noire. The shrill cry of the Bats as they leave their caves at sunset in Garoua, Cameroon. 

An old and wise friend once told me, "In every Kaff, there is something nice". 

As you tour the surreal isle of Madagascar with all the beauty it has to offer, you cannot help but be amazed at the tranquility that embraces the coolest of beaches. As the elemental Black Rocks hug the coast of Diego Suarez soothing even the most troubled of spirits to calm. The continent is littered with beauty, littered with life, littered with Culture, littered with Fashion. 

We continue to look at the world through the looking glass of conformity, the norms of media and the heart of the West, but where are we? Who are we? Can we catch our reflection in the mirror of time? To whom do we reflect the image of our African beauty? To whom do we convey the art that is the African Form?

Only we can sing our song, only we can appreciate our form... We are beautiful, we are melanin, we are courageous, we are resilient, we are Africa, we are Afromystique...