• Veronicah Muthoni

The Sheer Socks

This is a tricky but fun trend that I first noticed on Instagram where they have sneaker, polka dotted and print socks.

Here are some ways to rock them.

Sheer Socks and Heels

This is a style for the bold. You can rock the open-toe heels and socks or the socks and pumps. Remember to balance your outfit. Keep your look simple if you opt for statement socks and shoes and for more colorful outfits, keep the socks and shoes neutral.

Sheer Socks and Sneakers

Put a cool spin on your sneakers by pairing them with sheer socks.

Sheer Socks and Boots

Add some much-needed joy to your style. Pair your ankle boots with matching or contrasting sheer socks.

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